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Does your Online Strategy and/or Website generate leads and sales?

Most businesses have it all wrong when it comes to websites and digital marketing; they focus on aesthetics and page views when they should be focusing on leads, sales, conversion and ROI (Return On Investment)


Anyone can do SEO and Adwords, but doing it the wrong way will cost you money, or even get you penalized by Google.


That’s how we are different,
We Strategyze, Analyze, and Optimize.
Specific to YOUR Business & YOUR Goals

Are you paying for a website that is actually hurting your business?
If your website has a few common but simple and easy to over look errors it could be costing you thousands of dollars each year.

Not only are you paying for advertising but you are losing potential customers that come to your site, get confused and leave to look for someone else.We build custom landing pages for your ad campaigns that are strategically designed to convert traffic into customers.

Are the methods of advertising you've used for years becoming less effective?

The way people buy products and services has changed. People may see your ads in the mail, yellow pages, or magazines, they then go online to research your company, services, and reputation to make their final decision.  Your online presence is extremely important. When optimized the ROI on your online marketing strategies will be incomparable to traditional approaches.  We create and maintain online ad campaigns (including appropriate landing pages) designed to make sure you gain the customer.

Are you tracking the conversion rates for your Digital Marketing Strategies?

If you are not tracking the conversion rates and on your marketing campaigns you could be wasting money and not even know how or why.  We track all important metrics and send you a monthly report so you will know exactly how many people clicked on your ads versus how many converted into customers.

Do you show up at all in search results?

Currently millions of people search the internet to find goods and services, and the number will only increase as we continue to move forward with technology. It is extremely important that people are able to find your business with the right keywords. We perform extensive keyword research to make sure that your site is not only found but is optimized for the highest converting keywords specific to your business.

How do you market to your current customers and those who have visited your website?

If you are not building a database of your current customers and those who have visited your website and marketing to them you could be losing a lot of business! Additionally getting positive reviews so that new customers can see feedback from real people about your business is the best way to gain online credibility.  We gather customer information from those who have visited your website and set up re-marketing so your ads will follow them all over the internet, on websites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

Our Services

Website Redesign/Optimization
We transform your site to convert visitors into customers or leads. We follow the rules set by Google so that your site ranks higher in the search results. Your website will also be mobile optimized which is a must!
When someone visits your website we are able to follow them around the internet displaying amazing ads about your business and creating that brand awareness which will turn them into your customers.
Reputation Marketing
You should be harvesting the power of happy customers. This is what makes people become your clients. You want potential customers to see positive reviews about your business. This social proof will help them to feel connected to, and confident about your business. We also implement a system so that any bad reviews come to you before they go on the internet, before they can ruin your reputation.
Search Engine Optimization
Our goal is always to get our clients on the first page of Google. In line with Google Best Practices, we optimize the presence of your brand and business online so that we can drive traffic to your website. This option will drive organic search traffic over time depending on your market competition already established on the internet. Essentially allowing your website to be at the top of search results.
Facebook Advertising
We create viral campaigns around your brand, or product to create social awareness about your business. Facebook is a great way to very specifically target customers and drive traffic to your site.
Copywriting and Content Marketing
We conduct comprehensive keyword research and write engaging website copy and articles that will make your website visitors and prospects take action. We will also create professional and relevant weekly blog posts.
Google Adwords
This is how we flip the switch and instantly drive traffic to your website. We will also test multiple keywords to decide what will drive you the most traffic and convert leads, which then can be optimized for organic search traffic.
Email Marketing
This is one of the most important parts of the digital marketing campaign we create. Having your customer’s emails and marketing to them is one of the best ways to keep your business on the customers mind.
Video Marketing
Video is one of your greatest allies, when we create a professional video and rank it on the web. This will not only drive more traffic to your site, but will also help to educate new customers.


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